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What is Tibetan Bowl Therapy

What is Tibetan Bowl Therapy

It is a sound massage performed with these metal instruments (Tibetan bowls)

They are used by striking or rubbing them with a drumstick and produce a sound loaded with harmonics of a healing nature.

The patient stretches out on a table, closes his eyes, and concentrates exclusively on the sound that the therapist produces when playing the Tibetan bowls.

The Tibetan bowls have been created with conscience and intention and are used as guides in ceremonial rites, astral travel, awakening of consciousness and in the healing of illnesses both physically, psychically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Tibetan bowls are made of an alloy of seven metals: silver, gold, mercury, tin, lead, copper and iron and forged in a traditional way.

What is sound therapy with Tibetan bowls based on?

All sound-based therapy is based on the principle of resonance, by which a more intense and harmonic vibration infects a weaker, dissonant or unhealthy one.

The principle of resonance designates the ability of the vibration to go further, through the vibrational waves and cause a similar vibration in another body. In other words, it is the ability of a frequency to modify another frequency.

Women who live together or spend long hours together end up adjusting their hormonal rhythms.

The army knows that when they cross a bridge they cannot go in formation, because of the danger of breaking it, so they leave the formation until they have finished crossing it, two examples of the resonance principle.

In addition, sound modifies our brain waves, helping us to enter other levels of consciousness, where spontaneous healing states and mystical states are possible, making us more receptive to self-healing.

The third factor in sound therapy with Tibetan bowls is harmonics.

Every time a sound is produced, the harmonics appear. These harmonics have highly beneficial effects on our body and on our energy field.

Although we cannot hear frequencies that are outside our auditory field, nor can we produce sounds or frequencies that are outside our capacity, nevertheless through harmonics we can resonate with them.

How can Tibetan bowl therapy help us?

The medium Edgar Cayce predicted that sound would be the medicine of the future and this is already happening.

The great experts in sound therapy have already scientifically discovered that through sound the self-destruction of cancer cells and the cure of countless diseases can be achieved.

Tibetan bowls are instruments of healing, healing, relaxation and meditation, helping us to establish a healthy vibration throughout our body, both physically, mentally or psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.

They are a wonderful means of balancing the chakras and changing consciousness from an altered state of anxiety and stress to a state of peace, relaxation and serenity, inducing states of spontaneous healing and mystical states and raising our vibrational frequency.

People who have experienced sonic massage with Tibetan bowls experience great changes, greater mental clarity, increased creativity, greater concentration, greater vision of the future and a great sense of peace.

The result is a more productive individual, more focused, happier, more serene, more balanced, more at peace with himself.

There is a space of peace within us and the Tibetan bowls help us to enter it, they help us to resonate with our true consciousness or higher self and with that feeling of peace and serenity that we all carry within.

On a physical level they are used in the cure of any disease; to recharge our energy system, to relieve suffering and pain (includes emotional pain), to eliminate inflammation, for states of anxiety, anguish, stress, depression, sadness, insomnia, hyperactivity.

It makes biological systems work with more homeostasis; calms the mind and thus the body and has emotional effects that influence neuro-transmitters and neuro-peptides, which in turn help regulate the immune system, the healer that we carry within.

Origin and history of sound therapy with Tibetan bowls

According to the great Tibetan bodhisattva master Gwalwa Karmaza, the singing bowls of Tibet emit the sound of emptiness, which is the sound of the universe manifesting.

They are the symbol of the unknowable and as an alloy they date from the time of the historical buddha, Shakyamuni (560 – 480 BC).

The origins of Tibetan bowls and their detailed history are lost in the distant past and it is surely a gift from the Bon shamanic religion, which existed in Tibet several centuries before the advent of Buddhism.

Traditionally, Tibetan bowls were used for meditation and healing in monks’ monasteries.

María Prieto
Musician, Naturopath, and Voice and Sound Therapist

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