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Fighting migraine

Fighting migraine

Still no cure, but you may have migraines under control with a new style of living and other alternatives.

Women suffer triple headaches than men, due to causes such as PMS, ovulation, hormonal swings, birth control, diet and stress.

The most frequent moderate pain and oppression throughout the head and is due to stress or fatigue.

Second in frequency is migraine, which is pain that affects half of the head and repeated periods of time.

The pain occurs because the arteries become inflamed blood vessels and nerves.

Migraine is suffered mostly by women, affecting 25% of us at some point in our lives.

Migraine appears as an attack, often accompanied by nausea and vomiting, sensitivity to sound and light, visual symptoms or ‘aura’, sensory and motor, which last about 30 minutes.

Migraine or migraine has no cure, but there are medications to control symptoms and decrease pain, which can be combined with alternative medicines and with some changes in lifestyle, which we detail below:

Change your lifestyle

Manage stress. Stress, anxiety and prolonged fatigue are combined to trigger the migraine.

Moreover, the obsessive and perfectionist personalities are more vulnerable to it.

Above all, relax. There are different techniques that can help relieve stress, to isolate attacks and improve the effects of treatments.

We recommend two: contract and relax all parts of your body, concentrating on one at a time.

Then, in a comfortable position is slowly letting go physically and mentally.

Sleep well. You do not want desvelarte, sleep little, not too much. The ideal is eight hours.

Watch your work. Professions schedules that disrupt sleep and disordered rest and diet promote migraines.

Avoid dangerous drugs. OCs containing estrogens or drugs for cardiovascular conditions favor migraine attacks.

Moderate alcohol. Reduces the consumption of any alcoholic beverage, but especially red wine.

Select your food. Avoid as much of the chocolate, cocoa, vanilla, banana, nuts, citrus, hard cheeses, cream, sausages, smoked fish, beer, coffee, tea and soft drinks.

Also food substances such as flavor enhancers such as mono-sodium glutamate, sweeteners and preservatives such as aspárteme present in meats and prepared foods.

Practice yoga. Yoga postures and breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation calm down the nervous system, improve mood and fight depression.

People who do yoga show improvement in frequency and intensity of migraines.

One of the most effective yoga postures to relax and irrigate the cerebral vessels is Shirsasana or standing on his head.

Practice this pose daily for 15 long inhalations and exhalations, and do it with care not to injure the neck.

Exercise. Intense physical activity may promote migraines, but moderate exercise on a regular basis helps prevent and reduce their frequency, it releases endorphins which have analgesic powers.

Decreases pain

Antiemetics. Have on hand a medicine for nausea and take it as migraine symptoms appear, then vomiting prevents the absorption of the drug for pain.

Ergo amine. Ergotamine prevents blood vessels to dilate and cause pain.

These drugs should be used carefully, because his continued abuse or become chronic headache.

Triptans. These drugs act on serotonin, a brain chemical that helps relieve pain.

They are not suitable for people with cardiovascular problems.

Alternative Medicine

Digit puncture. This technique derived from acupuncture is to press for the first symptoms the area of ​​the hand between the thumb and forefinger.

Phototherapy. Some herbs such as feverfew, rosemary anti-migraine has a considerable capacity because it strengthens blood vessels.

Aromatherapy. Essences indicated for headache are lavender, rosemary, chamomile, marjoram, mint and pink.

You can apply on the painful area, breathe the aroma or diluted in your bath.

Music Therapy. To ease the pain, experts recommend listening to soothing music as the ‘Serenade’ by Schubert or the ‘Dream of Love’ of Liszt, or music that reproduces the sounds of nature.

Homeopathy. Homeopathic preparations can stop the pain or slow down, if taken at the first symptoms appear in a crisis.

Alternate Foot Bath. Cut the headache once it begins, clears the blood from the head to the extremities as follows:

Put one foot in a bucket of hot water and the other in a warm water for a minute, and alternating both feet for 20 minutes.