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Alzheimer’s and music therapy

Alzheimer’s and music therapy

Through discovered that Fedacam Rtve (Federation of Associations of Relatives of Alzheimer and other dementias of Castilla La Mancha) performs an annual program that seeks to both the patient and the caregiver have seven days off in beach.

To do this, patients are treated by specialists who maintain their personal care and therapy performed through different techniques of stimulation, among which we highlight the music therapy.

The project aims primarily to give a break to relatives who are serving their patients and share their experiences, especially knowing that most of them have not returned to the beach from diagnosis of their relatives.

Thus, and partly because of the music therapy, patients are cared for and family members have a break.

Regards, routines, roles and faces are erased in the mind of someone very dear. His personality is slowly cleared while the dependence is growing every day.

As the disease progresses, someone parks his family life, work and distractions to devote all his time to the patient.

The caregiver forgets that there are rest and entertainment. Caring for an Alzheimer’s patient requires ‘working hours’ 24 hours, 365 days a year.

Saturnino is the case, a retiree who spent ten years caring for Remedios, his wife. “It’s more than a job, I now take care of her, I’m busier than when I worked in the field.”

With the children away from home, the weight of the patient care has fallen on him.

But for several summers, at least one week a year is off.