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Relaxation of the patient in dentistry

Relaxation of the patient in dentistry

Music Therapy helps patients relax in dentistry, many people that goes to the dentist have difficulty relaxing and some even have problems with anxiety, shame or inferiority.

Most are simply uncomfortable and hope that the visit go fast, so that visits are often postponed as long as possible until it is inevitable.

That is why dentists need, increasingly, have skills that reveal the patient’s condition and possible solutions.

In this sense, music can be helpful. Understood as a set of information that reaches our nervous system, music can affect our metabolism and with it our behavior, our emotions or our minds. You can also exercise an influence on our brain waves, providing beneficial aspects such as relaxation or concentration.

A study of the Jagiellonian University of Krakow, which I attached below, confirms that music therapy can reduce and eliminate the stress associated with dental visits.

In addition, patients showed better treatment and more responsive to treatment.

These effects have proven especially effective in patients with medium and high levels of anxiety or fear and have not demonstrated a statistically significant difference in age of the patient, so treatment is effective for musical groups of all ages.