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Music training strengthens language skills

Music training strengthens language skills

It is well known that musical training benefits the developing brain.

But according to the results of new research on school children, the subject of music can be indirectly strengthening the capacity of the student to progress in the subject of language and in learning other languages.

These results support a hypothesis as a result of previous research.

The team of Nina Kraus, specializing in auditory neuroscience and professor at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, USA, has found that among children examined in the investigation, those who regularly attended music classes and active in they showed greater improvements in their reading skills and how the brain processes speech than their less active musically, following two years.

The focus of the subject of music could also be important.

The neural processing of students learning to play an instrument in class and practiced with it improved more than children whose subject of music was based only listen and analyze.

Music training strengthens language skills.

In previous research in that university, it was found that two years of musical training (but only one) improved the ability of participants’ brains to distinguish similar sounds, syllables, an essential skill for a good command of language.

That research showed that music training has biological effects on the developing nervous systems of children.