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It is a series of nine themes with it's corresponding process of use.

It tells us about the ability of every vibration to achieve a greater reach and that if in this path it passes through the vibrations  of the body and manages to provoke a similar vibration in each part of the organism that is in its specific range.

Awakening I

Schubert defends the theory according to which the creative arts. therapy are intimately related to the primary processes much more than verbal therapies.

Awakening III

Remember that when you are cleaning a chakra you must visualize that wheel of light outside your body, going in the direction of clockwise and then when you take it back.

Awakening IV

Music Therapy has specializaed qualities that allow people to express themselves and interact in a non-verbal way, even in situations when they can not find the words.

Pain clinics

Relaxation and music therapy for postoperative pain Relaxation techniques and music therapy are often used as an aid to management of the discomfort and to balance analgesia and side effects in patients about to undergo surgery. Sources were used Medline (1982-1995), “Cumulative Index of Nursing”...

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Let’s talk now about groups of “souls” and human bonds. Every time she remembers her birth, she is born in “Twin Souls”, but she does not have enough time to do it. That imprint marks the characteristics of each “soul” or “Divine Spark”. This means...

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The healing power of sound

There are sounds that heal, the old Taoists knew it when, in China, they discovered through meditation that by means of sounds the human being could have a management of his emotional energy and thus feed a state of equilibrium. According to the old teachings...

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Music Therapy Online There are many methods of natural healing that involve exercises, herbs, and natural products, our contribution is based on musical themes, we establish a curative method for each type of disease from music and we offer rhythms that implement certain and effective...

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